To use all functions of the Evaluation Tool, it is recommended to register yourself. After registration and login you can create new projects, invite others and you can accept invitations. Without registration you can only use the Self-Evaluation anonymously.

To register, please click the Login/Register link in the menu and in the Register block please complete the form and click the Register button.
After a successful registration you can go back to the Login/Register page and you can login by entering your registered e-mail address and your password.


You can use the Self-Evaluation tool anonymously (without logging in with your registered e-mail address and password), or as a registered user (with login).
After you fill out the form and click on the Send button, you will be redirected to the Results page.
In both cases your answers will be saved in our database.


When you took the Self-Evaluation as a registered user, you have to login to the page, click the Results link and you will see the results of your answers as a diagram in the 'My results' block.
If you have created Projects, you will see also a diagram for every project.
When there are no other members in your project, the project's diagram will be the same as your but when others joined your project and they also took the Self-Evaluation, their results will be added to the project's diagram.

When you took the Self-Evaluation anonymously, you will get a unique web address. If you want to see your results later, you have to save this address, e.g. by bookmarking the actual page.

Managing your projects

After you logged in to the page with your e-mail address and password, please click the My Projects link.
You can create new projects by clicking the Create new project link. You have to fill in the form and click the Create Project button.
The new project will be shown in the 'Project owned by me' block, later you can edit the project here, delete it, or invite others.

For the invitation please click the Invite link in the project's row.
You have to fill in the recipient's name, e-mail address and click the Invite button.
We will immediately send an e-mail to the given address with the instructions of how to join your project.

Joining and leaving projects

If you got an invitation code via e-mail, you have to login with your registered e-mail address and password. (Your registered e-mail address can be different from the address from where you got your code.)
Click the Join project link, enter your code and click the Join button.
On success you will be redirected to the My Projects page, where you can see the project in the 'Projects, where I am a member' block.

If you want to leave the project, you can click the Leave link in the project's row.
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