Hard facts

Please choose the NACE-Code of your institution
Indicate the size of your institution (number of employees)

Please choose the highest impact level of your institution

How many offices do you have at different locations?

Project management

Does your institution use PM-tools?
If yes:

If yes, please name the PM tools you use in your institution:
Does your institution utilize quality assurance tools?
If yes, please name the tools you use in your institution:

Human resources

In our institution we have administration and finances department
In our institution in-service training is offered to employees
In our institution there is a project manager for each project.
Do you have accounting associate?

Education and Training


(Select "0", if you don't have the respective infrastructure available)

Seminar rooms:
Flip chart:
White boards:
Writing pads:
Teaching materials:
Infrastructure to do conference call

Human resources

We have full time/part time internal trainers in our institution.
Trainers in our institution are certified.
If yes, they are certified in the following areas:
Trainers in our institution have training experience
If yes, in the following areas:
How many trainings are offered annually by internal trainers
(Please give an approximate number)


Does your institution offer any training?
Please identify the number of students average per training:
Does your institution offer free trainings?
If yes, please identify the number of free trainings per year?
Does your institution offer certificate at the end of the trainings?
If yes, please identify the type of the certificate:

Does your institution keep a database about the participants?


Does your institution employ a person as an innovation or R&D expert?
Does your institution develop the curriculum for courses and trainings internally?
Do you regularly add new training courses?
If yes, please list some examples:
Does your institution use innovative teaching and learning methods?

Operational/Professional Competences


Are you member of formal networks, cluster organisations etc?
If yes, please identify the type/level of the organizations:

Please choose the option that fits best to your own case

Do you have experience in marketing/PR?
If yes, is there a marketing department in your institution?
If yes, do you produce your own marketing materials?
If yes, do you use social media marketing tools?
Do you attend to conferences or other events to disseminate your project outcomes/results?
Are you in contact with responsible national agency regularly?
Do you regularly cooperate with other organizations?
If yes, please list the 3 most important partners:

Professional expertise

Have you participated in projects on a national level?
If yes, please list them:
Have you participated in awarded European projects (e.g. best practice projects)?
If yes, please list them:
Have you coordinated awarded European projects (e.g. best practice projects)?
If yes, please list them:

European Expertise

Language skills

Please specify the national language, working language, and other languages that your institution can operate with.

National language:
Other working language:
Other working language:
Other working language:
Other working language:

Project experience

Have you taken part in funded projects?
If yes, at which levels?

Please name the programs/frameworks that you participated:
What is the total number of European/international projects
that your institution has participated in the last five years?
Does your institution have experience in ERASMUS+ projects?
If yes, how many ERASMUS+ projects have you participated?
If yes, how many ERASMUS+ projects have you coordinated?
In which ERASMUS+ project areas does your institution have experience?

European awareness

Are you familiar with the European Strategy for education and training 2020?
Do you know about the ADAM-Database?
Have you ever used the ADAM-Database?
Do you know about VALOR database?
Do you know the EPALE?
If yes, do you use EPALE?
For what kind of activities do you use EPALE?

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